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LEARN How Gurus Make $1000s of Dollars From the Internet

LEARN How Gurus Make $1000s of Dollars From the Internet


1- Go to

2- Create an account if you do not have one. Starting an account is simple, you just need to fill out a form with your own information, so we won’t go into it here.

3- Login to your account at clickbank

4- From top menu click on “Market Place”

5- You then need to select a category. On left side of the page is a Menu titled “Category.” You can select any category you want. Everything can be sold.
The category that usually lends itself to  the easiest sale is “E-business & E-Marketing.”

6- So click on E-business & E-Marketing or any other category you think is appropriate. Then you will see products listed in the center of the page. Next to each product is a green button with the text “Promote.”

7- Click on the “Promote” button next to any product you like. A new page will open with 2 text boxes. One will have your account nickname, the other is empty and is to be used for your Tracking I.D.  Leave both as they are.

8- On this page, there is also a green button labeled “Create.” Click on that button next. The page will then appear with 2 links, one black, one blue.

9- Copy the link at the top of the page that is in black. This is the Affiliate Link and will be used in the next step. 

STEP 2 – MARKETING THE PRODUCT - The Affiliate link.

1- Go to

2- Click on Advertisers Sign Up. This will open a self-explanatory form. You can either take text from the product you selected on to promote it, or put the description in your own words.

3- The last 2 fields on the page are labeled “Display URL” and “Destination URL.” In “Display URL” you can fill in any URL, real or not. It just has to have the field filled out.

4- In “Destination URL,” enter the black Affiliate Link you copied from ClickBank (in #9 above). Then click “Continue.”

5- On the next page you will be asked to choose whether to show your ads on any keywords or in specific keywords. Select any keywords. Then click “Continue.”

6- On the following page you will be asked to specify the Cost Per Click (“CPC”). There will be a box with the name “Maximum CPC Bid” with the value (could be 0.008). Beneath that box is a link with the text “View Recommended CPC.” Click on that link. It will then give you the least suggested value.

7- Copy that value and paste it in the box “Maximum CPC Bid,” replacing the previous value.

8- Then you need to choose an Average Daily Budget. This is any amount you like. It’s how much you want to spend per day on advertising. It can be 1 or 100 at your discretion. Then click “Continue.”

9- On the next page you can review your ad and make any changes if necessary. Then click “Continue.”

10-Then you will be asked to fill out a form to create an account. After you create and verify the account, you will need to fund it. It’s best to fund your account for 1 month. So, if you made your daily advertising budget $2, then you fund your account with $60 ($2 X 30 days).

This is my personal advice. You can fund it for just one day, but funding for a longer period ensures your ads keep running and there is no interruption. 


Clickbank gives commissions to affiliates on each sale they make, which is usually between 50% to 70% commissions on each sale. The average product cost is $47 so average commission is $20. charges you about $0.008 per click which means per unique visitor. This means you get 125 visitors to your affiliate link for each $1 you spend. From the 125 visitors, you will make about 5 to 10 sales, or 7 on average.

Each sale commission is $20 result $20 X 7 = $140. So with every $1 we spend in advertising to our affiliate links, we make $140. So, when you compose 10 such ads and spend $1 on each ad you end spending $10 and making $1,400. 

It should be noted, this income is NOT per day or per week or per month.  For example, when you specify an Average daily budget of $5, it does not guarantee the $5 will be consumed and you get all the clicks in 1 day.

Your $5 (or whatever amount you chose) for advertising will not be taken from your account until you get the number of clicks (visitors) that equal to that amount. You could get them all in one day, or they may take one month or one year. How fast you get them depends on 3 factors:

1- The Maximum CPC Bid you selected. The higher your bid amount, the more your ad is displayed and the faster you get clicks.

2- The type of ad and the words (keywords) that are used in your ad text.

3- The text you used in the ad. Is it attractive and mysterious? Or just plan dull? So, being very selective with your words and how much thought you put into the ad can yield more clicks faster. 

And that was the process (in simple terms) which gurus are using to make thousands of dollars every day. But in actuality, what do successful gurus do more?

1- They choose the product that they want to promote carefully, by visiting the website that sells the product. Is the site nicely designed with convincing or persuasive content? Is the product useful and unique? Is it priced reasonably?

2- They compose catching and appealing ads that make visitors want to know or spend more.

3- They create 100 ads for 100 different products and allot a daily budget of $10 for each ad. With this they insure a flow of 50 to 100 sales per day from the whole campaigns. With this time and financial investment, they end making $1000 to $2000 per day.

Just by reading this simple guide and understanding it, you will never need to buy any “How To Make Money” Tutorial from clickbank as this sums them all up.

I am saving you several hundred dollars for several different products to help you understand this technique.

But you may donate if you wish ….

You can do that by feeding a stray cat or adopting one.

Best of luck.
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  1. As advertiser with them since 6 the last months, here are my observations:
    In first 5 months, I used to get with every 10,000 impressions 100 click and 2 sales.
    Since last month they add country targeting ads, so you can select to which countries your ads should show, since then with lots of trial and error, I started to get better results.
    Now I get these statistics: 5,000 impressions 100 clicks and 8 sales. these are averages and not exact figures.


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